About Us

BERO Technique was founded 1996.

Our team consists of highly qualified personnel with long time experience in the construction of special vessels and plant installations.
We are specialized in the fabrication of high quality plant industrial equipment, Heating Exchanger, vessels, exchangers made in stainless steel, and light alloy metal construction used in the chemical and petrochemical plants, food and pharmaceutical industries.

We establish the engineering or manufacture according to your plans and specifications for vessels subject to special approval procedures or statutory registered organisations.

If necessary we could support you with constructive and weld technique solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our enterprise is well known because of its high quality standard, high reliability as business partner, keeping to the agreed delivery time and the specific know how of weld technique for chrome nickel steel and high alloyed nickel steel.

The diversity of our production programme confirms the high quality and work standard. Specially appreciated is the fabrication know how and specialist knowledge of our long time staff.

For us the welding technique is one of the most important performances in the plant- and pipe construction. Due to this, our welding performances meet highest demands and are installed where safety for people and environment has top priority.